sábado, 9 de outubro de 2010

Aquecimento para dia 3 de Novembro.

Think for yourself you know what you need in this life
see for yourself and feel your soul come alive tonight
here in moments we share, trembling between the worlds we stare
out at starlight enshrined, veiled like diamonds in..

...time could be the answer, take a chance, lose it all
it's a simple mistake to make to create love and to fall
so rise and be your master you don't need to be a slave
of memory ensnared in a web, in a cage

I've found my way to fly free from the constraints of time
I have soared through the sky seen life far below in mind
breathed in truth, love, serene, sailed on OCEANS OF BELIEF
searched and found life inside, we're not just a moment in time...

....could be the answer...
Feel renewed inside
Feel the truth in life,see beyond sky,beyond our waking eyes,when the night is long,feel i don't belong,when sky is grey you turn to me and say,
Love is all we are ,together or apart.
When the light of day ,turn me on my way,
Feel renewed inside,feel the truth in life,
See beyond...

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